Wear the Irish Flag

I’m a big fan of the Irish rugby team, and am ecstatic that we’ve won two games thus far in the 2014 Six Nations Championship. So inspired by the Irish team, this post is all about my country’s tricolour of green, white & orange. As we’re already into the second week of the Six Nations, it’s only fair to include the lovely green and white jerseys, but mainly some very fashionable pieces to bring out Irish pride for the forthcoming weeks. Pastel green is also a great choice for this spring with its trendy presence all over the catwalks and high street stores. With the help from ONLY, River Island, Oasis and Urban Outfitters, you’re bound to find a look that will make your country proud.



Whether you like emerald green, grass green or pastel green, there’s definitely something for your preference this spring season. I love the pastel colours myself, especially with light fabrics from River Island, whereas Urban Outfitters have a great crop top and a cute collared long sleeve. And if you dare to wear ONLY offer a gorgeous dark shade of wax coated green jeans, (of which I own the black version.)



A big trend in fashion this season in particular; rock the neutral white in a jumpsuit, dress, skirt or a statement blazer with cute accent detailing and perfect cuts. The great thing is that white goes with everything (including green & orange), so it won’t be too hard to style. Team it with classic black to rock the monochrome look, or spice things up with romantic colours for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day.


Although orange can be a tough colour to wear, it’s a cheeky alternative to red that suits most skin tones very well. A citric fruity shade, Oasis offer a gorgeous lade skater dress, whereas ONLY and River Island have some great basics, as well as a super Irish-themed floral print top.

The Irish Rugby Jersey

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