All The Buzz – Best of Beauty Blog Challenge #1

Firstly I’d like to say I’m very excited to be partaking in this beauty challenge set up by Samantha of All The Buzz. Killer Fashion doesn’t have as many beauty posts as it does fashion, so this is a great initiative to get me into the buzz on beauty blogging! This first theme is all about what skincare products I can’t live without, which are my favourite and which I deem my skin care saviors.


Skin Care Saviors

  • Essence ‘My Skin 4in1 Cleansing Cream’: To start off, an exfoliator is a big thing in my life. I use this during/after my shower, and it’s such a brilliant product. It cleanses your skin, refines your pores and moistures, all while being a cleansing cream and a facemask! It leaves my face so super smooth, and that’s without using a moisturizer afterwards! My Skin 4in1 Cleansing Cream is available to buy in store in Dunnes Stores & Penneys, and online at Essence.
  • Nivea Visage ‘Pure & Natural Day Cream for Normal/Combination Skin’: Next I do use my moisturizer and this cream is perfect; it leaves my face (and sometimes my hands) naturally soft & smooth and provides intensive 24h moisture and freshness. I only need to use a small amount for my face because it spreads really well, as it’s got bio organ oil & bio aloe vera in the formula, and it’s made with 95% ingredients of natural origin. What’s more, this moisturizer is actually used and worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge! If that’s not a reason to go get it, then I don’t know what is! Pure & Natural Day Cream is available to buy in store in Boots, supermarkets and good pharmacies.
  • Yves Saint Laurent ‘Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream’: I also use after moisturizing before my make up regime. This eye cream is really great and extremely worth its money. It contains Glycanactif™, which helps increase youthful activity in your cells that refreshes and relaxes your undereye area. I’ve mentioned this product before in my beloved YSL products, and I do love it. Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream is available to buy in store in Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Debenhams & Clerys.
  • Christian Dior ‘Crème de Rose’: Next up is lip balm. I’m a freak when it comes to lip balm, because I LOVE it and I definitely cannot live without one. My absolute favourite is this YSL one. I just love how creamy this balm is, and it’s really good for chapped or dry lips. It has nourishing elements with its rare Damask Rose essential oil extracts and Shea butter, all which help moisturize, plump and smoothen lips. It comes in a gorgeous little white tub so I never lose it in my handbag! Crème de Rose is available to buy in store in Brown Thomas, Clerys, Arnotts, House of Fraser & Debenhams.
  • Johnson’s ‘Baby Oil’: I don’t use body moisturizers very often, mainly because I never have one! So instead what I do love to use, and what I do use often, is a classic oil. Simple as! It leaves my skin supple, soft, and moisturized, and gives a lovely sheen for nights out. It’s handy right after a shower as it glides onto the skin, which also means I don’t have to use too much of it. Just never use it in your hair (lesson learnt at age 8!) Baby Oil is available to buy in store in Boots, supermarkets and good pharmacies.

Though these aren’t skincare products, I highly recommend the following to keep your skin lovely & soft day-in day-out:

  • I like to use a clean soft face cloth, with which you should dab your face dry after a cold face wash every morning & night to keep your face nice & clean before and after make up et al.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Yes it’s cliché but I swear it helps. I drink at least 3 pints of water a day, to keep hydrated and keep my skin fresh.
  • Try avoiding oily junk foods & fizzy drinks. It will help with acne breakout and oily skin itself. Snacking on fresh fruit & veg and the occasional chocolate or popcorn are great ways to help keep your skin clear without totally avoiding sweeties.

Nirina xx

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