Steal His Style: Macklemore

MacklemoreAnother dose of the manly fashion on Killer Fashion, and today’s post is about the super cool hip hop rapper Macklemore. I love his music (with Ryan Lewis of course), and my oh my, can this Seattle boy really dress well. Not only has Macklemore been winning award after award, performed at said ceremonies, has been on your for months across the globe, but he also has serious style cred for red carpet events & street style alike. So how does one go about stealing his style?

This blog post has been updated on September 30th 2015

Can’t Hold Us

On stage Macklemore is all about comfort, and stays stylish whilst reppin’ US sports. He loves to wear basketball, baseball and American football jerseys, and often wears sneakers with his slouchy jeans. Head over to Adidas, Franklin & Marshall and brands at ASOS for these, and layer on the gold jewellery from ASOS & Topman. As for Macklemore’s footwear, well there really isn’t much to say except get yourself a pair of sweet Nike Air Jordans!

(Not Very) Thrift Shop

On the red carpet Macklemore has shown us that black isn’t the only colour a man can wear. The rapper has been seen wearing luxe suits in blues, greens and on stage he’s even mixing in some floral print. His choices usually include gold jewellery, slick shoes (sometimes sans socks) and his lovely smile to finish. Think the Dandy trend, but in the hood. ASOS, Paul Smith, Austin Reed and Topman have some gorgeous men’s blazers in colourful & velvet fits, whereas Antony Morato, Farfetch, Forever 21 and ASOS are great for shirts & t-shirts. Though Macklemore opts for my favourite designer, Christian Louboutin, for his shoes, easy replicas at affordable prices can be found in Office.

Make The Money

When it comes to pure casual wear, Macklemore knows how to style it down while keeping it tres cool. His choice of printed shirts, and contrasting t-shirts with great footwear and comfortable fitted jeans is extremely easy to wear for any guy. River Island, New Look, Levi’s and brands at ASOS, Debenhams & House of Fraser have a really great selection for these fashion staples. Vans or Air Jordans can tie the whole look together for that perfect chilled out look.

Buy Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ‘Downtown’ now

Macklemore Ryan Lewis Downtown

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