Vivienne Westwood & Christina HendricksWhen it comes to women, we all love to look great, confident and sexy. At times it can be hard, with celebrities in pretty little dresses & teeny tiny bikinis plastered everywhere in the magazines & online, but never let that stop you from loving the skin you’re in. In today’s post I want to speak to my gorgeous curvy readers. Firstly, you’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different!

I myself am not a flat-tummy, skinny-legged 6″ model. I’m a size 10/12, big-hips, small-waist, big-thighs, 5″4 curvy gal with boobs. Yes, I’ve said it, and it feels liberating because I love the body I have. Look at yourself and remember to always tell yourself you’re a gorgeous girl! Now this post isn’t just about telling curvy gals how fab they are, more so to guide them in a stylish way to accentuate their curves, accept their non-size 8 bodies and instill confidence through fashion.

*This post was updated on 14th March 2016


Christina Hendricks is a fabulous actress, leading lady in ‘Mad Men’ and she is super curvy. She is one of my favourite body-inspirations, with her gorgeous hourglass shape Christina doesn’t hide her curves or boobs, she highlights them with really great styling. Think wearing wrap over dresses, v-cut & high scoop necklines and bodycons. Black is always a flattering colour on all body types, as are red, cream & pastels and a khaki green. Boohoo has a wide range of fabulous dresses to help you build confidence and style all at the same time, and Irish online retailer stock great brands that cater to petite beauties with curves.


Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Lambert show off their curves in jeans so very well. Now jeans are one of those pieces that can be awfully difficult to find the right pair of, but with patience and the right details you’ll find your new jeans without hassle. One of our best friends are the high-waisted jeans, which really accentuate our hips & waist proportions and can be extremely comfortable too. Brands at ASOS including Missguided & New Look, as well as Simply Be have great high-rise styles. For normal rise jeans and subtle biker detail, I swear by ONLY and Vero Moda. Comfortable fits with bootcut, cropped and slim leg fits, in a variety of lovely blues are highly encouraged. For any jeans, I do recommend trying them on before buying them.


When it comes to our bodies and style, one sure way to be comfortable and confident is with the right lingerie. Bras are like jeans; quite tricky to buy and can be more difficult for curvy women. However, with the right size (get yourself measured at least once a year), the right bra and the right style, you’ll feel happier almost instantly. Chantelle, Fantasie, Freya, Simone Perele & Triumph seem to be the best brands at reasonable prices, in great colours & styles. I know these models may not show it, but as a curvy girl I’ve found the following super comfortable, (yes these are a few that I have bought!). Buying online may seem a bit odd, especially for lingerie, but Fig Leaves have such a great variety, many of which you can also find in stores in Brown Thomas, Debenhams & House of Fraser. And do remember to always try before you buy! 

Keep smiling and be confident in the skin you’re in!

Nirina xx

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