Christmas Gifts

Christmas has been and officially gone, but it never leaves a bitter note, but rather an extremely sweet one. Santa was extremely great to me this year! There were so many fashionable goodies waiting under the tree, as well as from friends, neighbours, my family and myself! It would be so rude of me not to share with you lovely people, and so I shall post on all my goodies! I’ll also include the outfit details of what I wore on Christmas Day. I do hope you’ve all had a wondrous time these past two weeks, and that you celebrated New Year’s Eve to your mightiest! Let’s begin…Photo 04-01-2014 07 13 35 p.m. 

From Daddy & Big Bro

  • Emeli Sandé ‘Our Version of Events’
  • ‘Design Your Fashion Portfolio’ by Steven Faerm
  •  ‘The Sourcebook of Contemporary Jewelery Design’ by Natalio Martín Arroyo
  • ‘City Fashion Berlin’ by Christine Anna Bierhals
  • Cooler lunch bag, Sistema
  • ‘Mary Had a Little Lunchbox’, Sistema
  • ‘Vintage Style’ by Sarah Kennedy
  • Rouge Volupté Shine #17, Yves Saint Laurent (will exchange for Rouge Volupté #17)
  • Little penguin figure
  • Rogue perfume by Rihanna
  • Rogue knuckle-holder box clutch by Rihanna
  • Coco Mademoiselle shower gel, Chanel
  • Ferrero Collection, Ferrero Rocher

I’m so chuffed with these! I never expect anything from my Dad because he’s so good to me all year round, and yet every year he outdoes himself! The biggest surprises of the lot were the YSL lipstick (which he said he read about on my blog’s Christmas Wishlist!), the Rogue by Rihanna perfume & box clutch set (how gorgeous is this box clutch!), the Emeli Sandé album (because I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do) and the lunch bag & box from my Brother (because this is just what I need for work!) And then there are the Miley Cyrus concert tickets. My Dad said he couldn’t get them, the cheeky sneaky bugger!!! So a big thanks to the two dudes. Love you!


From Friends & Family

  • Chocolate collection, Thorntons
  • Zesty Orange Chocolates, Lily O’Brien’s
  • ‘Je T’aime’ nail polish, H&M
  • Fan thumb ring, H&M
  • Dead Sea mineral facemask, H&M
  • Malibu naggin
  • Christmas jumper mug, Paladone
  • Snake print Jewellery box handbag
  • Pink crystal stud earrings, H&M
  • Cherry Candy Cane body wash, Pink Peppermint body lotion and Strawberry Swirl shower crème, Beauticology
  • ‘Match a paid of shoes’ memory game, Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA)

I have the best next-door neighbours a girl could ask for. They know me so well, and I received the Beauticology set and shoes memory game from them, as well as Prosecco in the afternoon and thereafter. My other neighbour gave me the two chocolates, which I’m going to devour in good time. “A chocolate a day” so they say! My two besties were so sweet and gave me little things that really made me smile. Fíona gave me the H&M goodies and I can’t stop wearing the earrings (hence why they’re not pictured!), and Caoimhe gave me my first Christmas jumper, as a cup! Along with the Malibu (my most favourite spirit), she’s going to be my plus one to the Miley concert, so that’s a present in itself! Thank you girls so much; you guys are my rock.

From Myself

  • Faux leather A-line skirt, Miss Selfridge
  • Leather & velvet scallop gloves, Accessorize
  • Gold glitter & diamante bangle, Madison
  • Rose gold plaque curb chain necklace, River Island
  • Gold & pink stretch bracelet, Coast
  • Floral print textured t-shirt, Oasis
  • Red baroque print shimmer satchel, Madison
  • ‘Lola’ leather and gold accent biker boots, Oasis

Post-Christmas isn’t complete without a trip into the shops during the New Year sales. Yesterday I headed to Dundrum Town Centre for a go at the sales and I came home extremely happy. (Believe me, this retail therapy was well needed after the break up…) My favourite of the lot would have to be the biker boots. I did actually go into Dune and attempt to buy Plate, (which was featured in Christmas Wishlist December 22nd), but sadly they didn’t have my size and the size up wasn’t comfortable enough. I then found a gorgeous and somewhat similar pair in Oasis that were cheaper, taller in height and had my size; and so I bought them! I also love the t-shirt I bought there, as well as the Miss Selfridge skirt & the satchel from Madison, of which there was a gorgeous selection to choose from.

Christmas Day OTD

I wore my Lashes of London dress, that features a faux leather bodice and an abstract floral art printed skirt. I really love the shape of the dress and it’s super comfortable. I wore tights with my Christian Louboutin ‘Bianca’ heels, and accessorized with a statement bejeweled necklace from Topshop, my Michael Kors gold watch, Dew gold & black shambala bracelet and my trusty River Island gold claw waistbelt. I wore my Revlon ‘Pink Fuchsia’ lipstick and my usual YSL make up regime.

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