Gifts For Him

As Killer Fashion is run by a female and the majority of my readers & followers are female, it makes sense to have a Gifts For Him idea post first! Be it your boyfriend, husband, best friend, your dad or brother, I am going to help you find the perfect gift that’ll make you the star present-giver to outshine Santa Claus himself. But feel free to mix and match. So let’s get to it!

For Your Boyfriend/Husband

Gifts that show you love your partner can sometimes be tricky to find. Would they want something cool, quirky or classy? I’ve got all three covered!

For Your Dad

As Daddy’s little girl, it’s important to give back to your beloved pops. Whether your dad is in his nostalgic stage, his “I’m still cool” phase or is the classic old dad, here are some ideas to make him smile.

For Your Best Friend

Besties are different to your boyfriends, mainly for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean they appreciate cool, fun & thoughtful gifts. Take a look at these.

For Your Family

Brothers, granddads, uncles, cousins and nephews. You might have a small or big family, but you’re bound to have at least one of the above. I’ve got the perfect presents for the rest of your clan.

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