Review: Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour

Seventeen (formerly stylized as 17) have an abundant collection of nail polishes and face make up. I picked up some new colours from Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour collection and I am loving the results. Read on for the steps and review. Seventeen cosmetics available at most leading pharmacies and all Boots stores around the country.17

Step 1

Manhattan Pro Shine Base Coat – I used my usual base coat to start off. After removing my previous manicure and moisturizing my hands, this base coat really helped revive my nails.

Step 2

Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour in Juicy – this lime green nail polish is a lovely summery colour. It is also a shimmery polish and works well with all skin tones. Two-three coats recommended.

Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour in Pink Grapefruit – this is a nice neon pink shade from the collection. It has a matte finish and is great on its own or with other colours. Two coats recommended.

What I did was paint every nail except my index finger, which I painted with the other polish. So the left hand was painted in Juicy with one finger in Pink Grapefruit, and vice versa for the right hand.

Step 3

Essence Quick Dry Topcoat

Verdict for Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour – 4/5

I really like the two nail colours together; they’re definitely keeping my summer alive! The only flaw I see is that the polish is rather thin. I’ve used three coats in Juicy and two coats in Pink Grapefruit, the whites of my nail tips are still somewhat visible. This is probably due to the brightness of the polish.

Have you used any other colours from this Seventeen collection?

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