Nirina in #MK1M Michael Kors’ Montage

Today Michael Kors’ official Instagram account reached 1 million followers. As a huge MK fan, I’ve insta’d photos of my beloved new watch and my photo was picked to be in the Michael Kors #MK1M photo montage!!! What fabulous news this is! Thank you very much to the Michael Kors team. I really love my watch, and also my new handbag!

My photo is featured in the left slant of the M. Below is my original photo and the Michael Kors montage.

Thanks for being one of our 1 million followers! We loved seeing your favorite Michael Kors products on Instagram so much that we’ve pulled them into our #MK1M image. Go ahead, share or re-gram to your hearts content.


One thought on “Nirina in #MK1M Michael Kors’ Montage

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