Perfumes Galore

For my birthday I was fortunate to receive some very lovely gifts this year. As well as previous birthdays and Christmases, I have had my fair share of fabulous and lovely-smelling perfumes. Here’s the collection of perfumes on my dresser right now:perfume1

Classic Perfumes

BOSS Orange ‘Eau de Toilette’ by Hugo Boss is my current perfume, though it only has a few sprays left in it. This beautiful perfume has been one of the most questioned perfumes I wear; many friends & family ask me “what perfume are you wearing? It’s lovely!” With its fruity, vanilla and spice notes, this perfume is definitely a favourite and I highly recommend it.

At Christmas I had posted that I’d received Miss Dior ‘Eau de Toilette Originale’ by Christian Dior. This Dior perfume comes in a classy bottle, with classic green chypre with galbanum and jasmine notes dominating.

I had also received COCO ‘Eau de Toilette’ by Chanel last Christmas. COCO has oriental-floral scents, and is rather a sensual fragrance. It smells really divine, and is a more grown up scent than my previous Chanel ones.

This year for my birthday I received Allure ‘Eau de Toilette’ by Chanel. I love the shape of this bottle, its very simple in comparison to other Chanel bottles, but I love that! It has floral fresh & oriental notes, in an original harmony of olfactory facets, which develop and combine freely. It smells beautiful and is perfect for summer.

Fun & Fruity Perfumes

Roger & Gallet Thé Vert ‘Eau fraîche parfumée’ is another spray I received this year. This is from the ‘Green Tea Soothing’ collection, and is a fresh fragrant water spray that takes you to the atmosphere of Mount Fuji among tea fields. Its notes are of green tea and citrus fruit blended with the subtle woodnotes. Another perfect perfume for summer.

And I also received Daisy ‘Eau So Fresh’ Sunshine by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs’ fragrances are known for their beautiful bottling and funky designs, and this perfume is no exception. The playful floral & fruity boasts notes like strawberry, apple blossom, jasmine petals, day lily, rose, white oak moss and amber wood! It’s an uplifting fragrance with summery sweetness, and is perfect for any girly girl.

With Love by Hilary Duff is one of my favourites. This is the second bottle of this perfume I have, and I love its tropical, fruity, spicy and amber notes as well as its luxurious jewellery-like bottle design. It’s not easy to find anymore, so try online.

Like Hilary Duff, another of my all-time favourite women released a perfume collection; Inspire by Christina Aguilera is also one I’ve yet to use. This gorgeous bottle is complimented by the fruity, white floral, tuberose and tropical notes of the scent. I love all things Xtina so I have no doubts about this perfume.

The last of my yet-to-use perfumes is Parfum N°1 ‘Eau de Parfum’ by John Galliano. This perfume is a sexy, seductive scent with Bulgarian rose & angelica seeds to create a powdery sweet and musky perfume. The bottle and its ad campaign are just as impressive as this perfume: dark, glamorous and feminine. The right choice for a date night or glamorous event.

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