Review: Accessorize 4D Nails

I have always wanted to do something more creative with my nails. There are many nail trends at the moment, such as ombre gradients, graphic art, the cracked look and of course glitter. But one trend and look I wanted to try was the caviar look. I picked up Accessorize ‘4D Nails’ in Idol, which is a nail kit complete with nail polish and caviar beads. Read on for my steps, results and my review.8875080515614

Step 1

Manhattan Pro Shine Base Coat – I always use a base coat to protect my nails. This base coat polish has proved to be really really great! I bought it whilst in Munich last year and it’s hardly used up, I’ve used about ¼ of the polish. It also works great as a clear nail polish.

Step 2

Accessorize Nail Polish in Idol – for my thumbnail and middle fingernail I used two coats of the given nail polish. It’s a dark shimmery grey with a hint of blue. It glides on well and is a good coverage. Two coats necessary.

Accessorize 4D Nail Beads – while my second coat still wet I applied the beads. First I attempted to use the given nozzle but it doesn’t work very well at all, therefore I had a little dish nearby, in which I filled some of the caviar beads, and dipped my nail into. The beads do stick to the nail very easily, though there are way more black than blue ones.

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes in 07 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower – to show the difference alongside the Accessorize pack, I used this gorgeous nude on my other nails, as well as on all nails on my right hand. Two coats is necessary. I then applied the nail beads to some of these nails. The colour of the beads comes out more on this creamy colour in comparison to its Idol grey shade.

Step 3

Essence Quick Dry Topcoat – on the nails on which I didn’t apply the caviar look, I topped with this topcoat. Again I bought & used this since Munich and have only used ⅔ of the polish. The brush with this is mediocre though.

Verdict for Accessorize 4D Nails in Idol – 3/5

Though the caviar look is great, I feel this kit was only okay. The colour of the nail polish is drab and the nozzle applicator doesn’t work. Also the beads keep falling off and leaving odd-looking holes in their place… Next time I will use the caviar beads again, with fuller coverage.

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