The Saturdays & Swarovski for “Gentleman”

The Saturdays have teamed up with Swarovski, to create a unique jewellery collection of sparkly goodness. With the band’s newest video, “Gentleman” premiering last week, The Saturdays show off their Swarovski clad goodies in sexy hot pink dresses.

Una Healy

  • Tosha Earrings – palladium-plated silver pierced drop earrings, complete with clear crystals and spike-shaped cuts, on Indian Pink crystal cup chains. Available at £99.
  • Toya Necklace – a stunning ruthenium-plated statement piece with hints of blue, turquoise, purple & green. It features three round elements adorned with glittering crystal Pointiage® between four clear crystal elements, all with smaller round pieces attached. Available at £395.
  • Toya Ring – matching the necklace, Una’s Toya ring is just as stunning with encrusted crystals and the Pointiage® feature on the face, all in blues, turquoise, purples & greens. Available at £249.

Frankie Sandford

  • Mini Chic Ring (Black & Gold) – a gorgeous encrusted ring, paved in Pointiage® with black and charcoal crystals on a gold-plated band. Available at £119.
  • Curiosity Ring (Turquoise) – a gold PVD-plated ring with a brush finish, set with a large light Turquoise stone cut to a slightly rectangular shape. Also available at £119.
  • Tactic Bangle – a rose gold PVD bangle bracelet with raised, almost cut-out studs adorned with clear crystal pavé, with a clean smooth finish. Available at £109.

Mollie King

  • Translucent Ring – a colourful and cute ring; palladium-plated silver with turquoise and magenta-coloured crystals forming a flying insect, set with crystal pavé and Pointiage®. Matching pendant also for sale. Available at £119.
  • Tangara Necklace – this necklace is also a colourful statement piece, in a gradation of tropical colors. It features a centerpiece that is embellished with crystal Pointiage® and metallic epoxy, surrounded by mosaic-style crystals, pavé and marbled-like pieces. It hangs off a rhodium-plated silver gourmette chain. Available at £579.
  • Nirvana Bracelet – a simple silver stainless steel clip-closure bracelet, with faceting with five Crystal Diamond Touch Light pieces in slightly raised stud shapes. Elegant and beautiful. Available at £149.

Rochelle Humes

  • Trema Ring – a wonderful snake wrap ring with each end paved with crystals atop purple to silver gradation. Both ends also have diamond shaped crystal stones. Matching necklace & bracelet also for sale. Available at £119.
  • Sain Ring – a fully silver and crystal ring, with the band’s sides paved with crystal and a large clear center stone. Available at £149.
  • Toco Flamingo Earrings – flamingos never looked so expensive! Dangling from magenta stone studs are these flamingos embellished with Swarovski crystals in a gradation of white-pink-red atop a matching varnish finish. Gold-plated metal earrings. Matching pendant also for sale. Available at £79.

Vanessa White

  • Triumphal Earrings – opaque white toned crystal drop earrings to bring back vintage elegance. These earrings have a variety of stone cuts that resemble a flower and sparkle with its crystals. Matching necklace, pendant and ring also for sale. Available at £99.
  • Triumphal Ring – similar to the earrings, this ring features white opaque stones, crystals and onyx stones. The flower motif is also evident in this palladium-plated silver ring. Matching necklace, pendant and earrings also for sale. Available at £99.
  • Tropical Necklace – a statement piece at its best. A series of palladium-plated silver chains that meet with a colourful tropical-coloured array of Swarovski crystals of different cuts and sizes with a large feature of an Antique Green crystal as its off-centerpiece. Only available in Swarovski boutiques, at £249.

Click here to shop Swarovski jewellery. Watch The Saturdays “Gentleman” music video below.

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